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Pinky Pout Lip Scrub

Pinky Pout Lip Scrub

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The perfect addition to your lip care routine, this yummylicious lip exfoliator designed to give you smooth, rejuvenated lips. Formulated with a mushy blend of sugar, lemon essential oil, Wild Honey, and coconut oil, this lip scrub effectively removes dead skin cells to give you a softer, pinker pout. 

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  • Sugar

    The fine granules of sugar gently exfoliate the lips, sloughing away dead skin cells and revealing a smoother, more supple texture. It helps improve lip tone and prepares them for better absorption of nourishing ingredients.

  • Lemon Essential Oil

    Bursting with zesty citrus goodness, lemon essential oil offers natural exfoliating properties, promoting the removal of dry and flaky skin. It helps brighten and lighten the lips, leaving them looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Vitamin E Oil

    Known for its nourishing and healing properties, vitamin E oil helps to moisturize and repair damaged lips. It provides deep hydration, soothes chapped lips, and helps protect against environmental stressors.

  • Coconut Oil

    This deeply moisturizing oil penetrates the lips, hydrating and softening them from within. It forms a protective barrier that locks in moisture, preventing dryness and leaving your lips feeling smooth and supple.

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