Bliss – Aromatherapy Blend

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This blend of calming and comforting essential oils is extremely helpful in combating stress, irritability, nervousness, anxiety and insomnia. Keep it on your work desk to use in the middle of a hectic day and by your bedside to help you unwind at night before sleep.

Hand blended, Approximately 15 ml

How to Use:

  • Use as a natural perfume by applying on pulse points like wrists, behind the ears and throat.
  • Apply on a handkerchief or paper napkin and take long sniffs for maximum aromatherapy benefits. You can also breathe in the fragrance directly from the bottle.
  • Comes in a convenient roll-on bottle that you can carry with you anywhere you go.

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Active Ingredients :

Lavender : Lavender helps to soothe burns, scolds, sunburn and arthritis. In fact, because of its cooling effect it is good to use on anything hot. It can help alleviate eczema, acne, insect bites, stings, head lice, bruises, headaches, vertigo, migraine, fainting and just about any aches and pains you can think of. Lavender is a must for any essential oil collection.
Mandarin: This oil smells good enough to eat, so it’s not surprising that it’s used to treat stomach problems. Dilute with olive oil and rubbed on a child’s tummy in a clockwise circular movement to calm an anxious child. This oil is very good at reducing stretch marks and scarring. However mandarin does tend to increase your appetite so if you are trying to lose weight give this one a miss.
Sandalwood: A very spiritual oil, it’s also a sedative and aphrodisiac oil which makes this oil a perfect choice for meditating and relaxing with. Sandalwood has many other good qualities including treatment of dry chapped skin, insomnia, urine infections, sore throats and chest infections.


[Saabanvali products are preservative free and contain only natural ingredients. This Soap Bar is made with the highest quality ingredients. Saabanvali products do not contain any additives such as sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens or harsh synthetics. Saabanvali recommends a patch test when using the product for the first time for any unknown allergies.]


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