For the longest time it has bothered us that every time we buy a new bottle of shampoo, body wash, lotion or cosmetic, we add to the humungous amount of plastic and chemical waste that is released into the environment. It was with this thought that the idea of ‘Saabanvali’ took birth. Our products are handcrafted will all-natural ingredients peppered with a lot of love, and come in organic, 100% biodegradable packaging.

We spend a lot of time experimenting with recipes to create self-care and beauty products that are gentle on the senses and super-effective at the same time.

Saabanvali is rooted in who we are as a people. She is not elusive, elite or pish-tosh. She’s a regular, everyday hustler who cares for the world around her and the people in it. Through her, we aim to build supportive communities and generate employment for the lesser-privileged.